We specialise in equestrian legal services, ensuring smooth transactions for buying, selling, and loaning horses.

Our clear, practical agreements and understanding of the Consumer Rights Act safeguard your interests. We also provide expert guidance for equestrian businesses and handle equine accident cases, ensuring your peace of mind in the equine world.

We are different because we understand that…

Buying, selling and loaning horses

  • Horses are our passion, as they are yours. The quicker issues are resolved, the quicker you can return to enjoying that passion in full.
  • We produce simple, practical written agreements which are a vital tool to help you to enjoy your horses with peace of mind.
  • We help you ensure the process goes smoothly with support from an independent vetting and valuations if needed.
  • As a business, the Consumer Rights Act is a key piece of legislation which we can make sure you understand.
  • To avoid disputes, all statements made about the horse should be clear, transparent and ideally recorded in writing. We can help you to employ best practices and to resolve disputes should they arise.

Competing for or alongside others

  • Written agreements should be in place to make clear what can be expected of all parties.
  • The question of what will happen if horse or rider is injured must be addressed.
  • Consider carefully who can take decisions, how the arrangement can be brought to an end and how disagreements are going to be resolved.

The equestrian business

  • Different business structures can be put in place: make sure yours is right for you.
  • We work closely with accountants who really understand an equestrian business; their advice is vitally important.
  • Careful thought should be given to where the business will be run from and any legal obstacles to this or agreements required.

Accidents and injuries

  • If a horse is injured and there may be scope for a claim, specialist advice is required to investigate thoroughly as the law of negligence is complex.
  • We work with specialists who help to investigate the causes of accidents and the financial loss suffered