Holly Smith

Associate Solicitor
A dedicated and proficient divorce solicitor specialising in Farming and Business Divorces

Specialist finance lawyer, expert in farming divorce, high net worth individuals and complex financial disputes.

Holly Smith

Associate Solicitor specialising in Farming and Business Divorces

Holly Smith is a dedicated and proficient divorce solicitor with a passion for helping high net worth individuals, farmers and landowners navigate the complex world of divorce, with a particular expertise in agricultural and business divorce.

Holly’s expertise lies in the connection of family law and the agricultural and business sectors. Holly understands that divorces involving agricultural and business assets come with unique challenges and complexities. Holly provides all of her clients with strategic solutions and the support and guidance necessary to navigate this difficult period in their lives.

Holly understands that in agricultural cases there are often disputes over ownership and occupation of land and property, and that there may be several different businesses being operated from the main farmstead. Holly’s expertise ensures that any issue case be resolved and that a professional service is delivered every time. Additionally, Holly has a deep understanding of the difficulties involved in valuing business interests and assts and can deal with issues of illiquidity and tax on transfers of business interests, land and personal assets.


  • Prenuptial Agreements and Postnuptial Agreements tailored to protect agricultural and business interests
  • Representing clients nationwide and advising business owners, high net worth individuals, farmers and landowners on complex financial disputes in divorce proceedings with a particular expertise in cases involving:
    • Family farms / farming partnerships
    • Family businesses
    • Inherited and generational wealth
    • Rental properties / property portfolios
    • Third party interests, intervenors, and proprietary estoppel claims
    • Trust assets
    • Substantial pensions / final salary pensions
  • Assisting clients to understand the value of the family business and whether or not the business has any liquidity
  • Complex divorce litigation

Why choose Holly

Holly has extensive experience in divorce cases involving farms and businesses and understands that every client’s situation is unique. Holly works closely with her clients to create a strategy that meets their specific needs and concerns. Holly has strong negotiation and litigation skills and take a personalised and empathetic approach to every case whilst always providing honest advice to her clients.

Holly remains committed to achieving the best possible settlement for her clients, tries to resolve matters quickly, and where possible, limits unnecessary legal costs and stress for her clients.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for today. You were brilliant. You were there to explain legal terminology to me, and you definitely kept my spirits up on what could have ultimately been a very difficult day. Your appreciation and understanding of the law in regard to this matter enabled me to understand every step of the journey I went through today and I hope for the sake of any other woman in my position that you are able to show them the support and encouragement you showed me today…”

“Thank you very much for representing me during my court case. I am very grateful for your help in bringing this long-standing issue to an end. I thought you were very calm, collective, and professional and extremely good at your job, especially being able to give detailed answers to unexpected questions from the Magistrates in a calm and professional manner”