Next Generation Lawyer

How to survive the early years

How to survive the early years

The aim of the course is to equip junior lawyers, trainees, legal assistants, paralegals and newly qualified lawyers up to 5 years PQE, with the skills to tackle client engagement and office dynamics with confidence and ease.

Bringing a fresh approach with a clear, engaging, entertaining and accessible style of training with award winning techniques. 

Training to help next generation lawyers to navigate the reality of working in the real world of target driven performance.

Equipping them with the skills to understand what clients want, giving them confidence to  improve their client engagement, and  strategies to improve their  financial hygiene, personal  management and profitability.

What you will learn

  • Communication

    Strategies for flexible communication with clients and colleagues

    Understanding that flexible communication is the key to transporting good ideas.

  • Financial Engagement

    Skills to navigate the minefield of financial engagement in a world of “target” driven performance

    Acknowledging that we all work in different ways and have different skills but together we are creative and innovative.

  • Case Management

    How to think creatively about file and case management and take a problem solving approach

    Identifying chemical release in the work place and how this impacts on performance and wellbeing.

  • Sales

    To identify your sales market both internally and externally

    Prioritising others ahead of yourself in the best interests of the firm

  • Stress Management

    Top tips on time and stress management

    Examining multi faceted teams and understanding that output can be measured in a variety of ways.

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Our Why

We know that even subtle shifts in culture and behaviour can have a huge impact on the bottom line. 

We have a passion for empowering people at all levels of an organisation to engage and communicate more effectively reducing stress and making people more effective.

We know that understanding and valuing the human drivers behind a business, results in a happier healthier more productive and ultimately more profitable organisation.